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Starting March 15, 2013, is hosting it's own Instant Messaging chat service.  It works as an alternative to "MSN" (going defunct shortly), "Yahoo chat", "AIM", "ICQ", etc.

To use's Instant Messaging, you would install your favorite XMPP-enabled chat client, such as Pidgin, and use it to make an account on the IM chat server.  Pidgin is pretty good in that it is lightweight AND lets you use lots of different IM accounts in the same client / at the same time:

Pidgin IM protocol types available
            March 2013

There are other XMPP-enabled chat clients out there, if you wanted to choose a different one. A big list is at . Client configuration examples here are for Pidgin however, because it's what is familiar with.

Good things about Instant Messaging:

- It's not going to intentionally be taken away (RIP Microsoft Messager, 1999 - 2013)

- It does not have advertisements and never will.

- Of course, it's free.

- It's not Skype. (Microsoft's Skype-related eavesdropping patent) ( Supernode monitoring chat )

- It's not Google, Facebook, or Twitter, and isn't collecting your data ( Online Privacy Fears Stoked By Google, Twitter, Facebook Data Collection Arms Race)

- Communications are 4096-bit encrypted and the hosting hardware is located in Finland (USA privacy concerns)

How to get your account and use the service:

This example is with Pidgin - you could do the same thing using another XMPP chat client if you wanted.

1) Install Pidgin.

2) Run Pidgin. See the IM window come up.

3) Click "Accounts", and then "Manage Accounts" at the top of the drop-down.

          "Manage Accounts"

4) A new window will pop up. Click the "Add..." button at the bottom of it:

Click the
          "Add" button

5) In the new window that pops up, set up your new account.

Protocol: XMPP
Username: pick your username and put it here
Resource: Put "Home" in here for your home computer, or "Laptop", or "Wireless", or something. It can look dumb later if you leave it blank.
Password: (put your desired password)
Local Alias: repeat your username here
Box: "Remember Password": check this if you don't want to type your password every time you log in
Box at bottom: "Create this new account on the server"
When done, click "Add" button at the bottom.

Set up the new account

6) An error window like below should come up after you click "Add". The message should be the same as what is in the image below.

It is not a real certificate error! It happens because the certificate is signed by an authority that is not usually used for instant messaging. Just click "Accept".

The certificate is not trusted because no certificate
          that can verify it is currently trusted

7) Another window will pop up. Fill in your new username and password again.

The fields for "Full Name" and "Email" do not have to be filled out with real information, BUT:

- "Full Name" is what other people see when you send out contact requests.
-  Email address is how your account can be recovered if you lose your password.

Repeat the username and password, and put whatever you
          want in the other fields.

8) If all went well, you will see a "Registration Successful" message.

Registration Successful

9) If back in your "Accounts" window, the "Enabled" checkbox next to "" isn't checked, you can check it, to make it log in whenever you start Pidgin.

10) To add your friends to Instant Messaging, first they need to make their own account.

Then, you click "Buddies" and "Add Buddy". You pick your "" account from the dropdown, put in the, set other optional fields if you want, and click the "Add" button. They'll see the request go through, and it's like any other Instant Messenger from then on.

Add Buddy

Disclaimer and Terms of Service:

- The Messenger service is provided "as-is".
- may rename or remove usernames which we feel are misleading.
- If decides that for some reason that you are horrible or abusive, we might remove your account and block your access to the service. Or, worse!